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National Water Day 2019  


Mark Winchmore
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22/03/2019 11:01 am  

I thought I would be the first to start a chat on forum. It being national water day I will lead with our charity work. We are so blessed to be in a wonderful community of Winchmore Hill and Southgate. We are continually trying to find ways of growing The Winchmore into the best community pub in the area. 

On our charitable part of our business we thought we would make a bold move of not selling branded water. We have installed a water filtration system that provides chilled still and sparkling water. 

We charge £2 a bottle which is free to refill. We donate all sales of water to Charity:Water. 100% of everything donated goes to there projects in Developing countries. Providing Water wells, Education & Sanitation. What they have done differently to others is, they give you gps so you can track your money to a exact project. You know what community exactly what country & community you have changed for good. What a fabulous idea. 

We hold tasting events at The Winchmore where we educate ourselves on wine & Spirits. We charge a fee for each event and donate all the money back to Charity:Water.

I would love to hear on how we can help more people in need of water, please send me ideas. If you have time please click the link and learn more about the amazing Charity:Water foundation.

Or pop into our pub and have a chat with me regarding our contribution.

Thank you so much for everything we have achieved in 4 years.

We love our community, a massive thank you from Mark, Eimear & the team x


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